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  • Mark Reason

Being Simple in your advertising always includes a process of stripping away the fat, the fluff, the fog... so you can see things clearly.

Let's take one of the first principals of every advertising campaign, "who are we talking to?"

The wrong answer is "everyone".

Equally wrong is "women aged 25-45".

Look at this picture and let's imagine she is who you want to target in your next advertising campaign. Now, tell me about her...

OK, so she's a single woman called Chloe living alone during the Coronavirus lockdown and it's driving her insane.

She's doing her daily exercise, alone, and once a week she sees real people, at a distance, at the supermarket.

She can't wait to spend some quality, fun time with her friends. There's only so much Zoom can do!

Here she is dreaming of a holiday with the girls... she's laid out some fabric to make her beach... she's got her beach gear on... and she's got the light streaming in from the window blinds. What she wouldn't give to be on a real beach with her friends right now!

Excellent! We now know specifically who we're talking to. We use this to inform our choices to pick the perfect voice for our advertising... the words to use... the images that will appeal to her... the music... the channels to reach her on... bit by bit we start to craft the ad just for her.

Ads that are specific to the exact person we want to reach will look, sound and feel more authentic and will consequently be more effective. We'll help you to hone your thinking to be specific about every aspect of your advertising.

We are Simple Media.


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